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A short (about 15 minutes) horror game. Explore the sea floor, catch fish, sift through silt to find objects, study in your lab, try to find Eden.

This game is best played with mouse and keyboard. Press F4 at anytime to engage fullscreen mode.

 !!Instructions For Mac Users:!!

If the build I uploaded gives you an error about the file you downloaded being damaged, try downloading through the itch.io app instead (https://itch.io/app). The app seems to consistently work well for mac builds that have trouble opening, and it’s a nice app!  

If you liked this game and are interesting in chatting about it or other Yames games,  consider dropping by my discord server and/or signing up for my Patreon page! I'll be posting about Water Womb World's development process for my patrons and also going into detail about its inspiration.


PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(254 total ratings)
Tags2D, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, underwater


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water-womb-world-mac-x86.zip 146 MB
Version 1
water-womb-world-mac-M1.zip 142 MB
Version 4
Water Womb World (hotfix).zip 134 MB
Water Womb World OST.zip 346 MB

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This was fantastic. The writing, the visuals, the audio, everything.

I do have one suggestion, though. "All of the sudden" should be "all of a sudden."

it looks like a NEC PC-88 game


yea this is actually the best thing ive played in a few years

such a fucking cool concept and i love it. keep going yames, your games are so different and youll go big ( like absolutely huge) one of these days

This Game was amazing

As gorgeous as it is terrifying, thanks for all the hard work Yames!

played DMB when it first came out, and just got around to playing this. another amazing game as always yames

this was awesome!!!!! i loved the ambiance!

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the horror and depth in this game is amazing, one of my favorite horror games I've played!

The atmosphere created by your game is stunning, truly great work. The worldbuilding is concise and very effective, a great representation of what lovecraftian-type horrors from the deep feels like.

Along with Ligotti I think your work is one of the only creative responses to Lovecraft that manages to circumvent his racism while maintaining the core of the existential horror - no mean feat! This one gave me a similar sensation to when I played 'The Cosmology of Kyoto' for the first time.


hey thanks! that is really interesting to hear, I love Cosmology of Kyoto so I think it makes sense some of those vibes imprinted on my stuff

Ace! Yes, I can really see/feel that!

Visually and narratively this game is perfect, the terror that the power outages create is way beyond what I was expecting. I think most of the creepiness comes from the connection to religion and biblically accurate angels.


Man I really loved this game! Super unique and interesting horror game, please make more games like this! Love the style, the art is on point, and the pace of gameplay is perfect. I'm a huge fan! Looking forward to more games like this, please make more! Hope you don't mind that I streamed this and made a vid!

I love the visuals of your games!

''Aqua Catholicism''...A scientist who refuses the traditional church and neither gets satisfied with the modern Science and wants to go in his own way...To find the God and its ''Biblicaly Accurate Angels''.Game mechanics are really basic and reminiscent from the Amiga games like Elvira and Darkseed and has a really surreal and psychedelic art style to it.You have refilled your oxygen tank and replenished your nets and now it is time to skim the ocean surface and find some artifact.Lovecraft would have really liked this game if he was alive.

Very unique experience! Need to play more, honestly.

This game has some great atmosphere and lots of mystery. Enough of a thread to pull on, not enough that you have all the answers. A very good and tightly packed 15min!

Heya, I played this recently and it made me feel enlightened and nauseous. I love the terrifying world you built in such a short experience.

very very cool


i am in awe

I loved this, good job Yames

how to run the game? download only provides a folder without any kind of exe inside (im on windows 10).


hi, i checked out the download links, the one for windows is called 

Water Womb World (hotfix).zip 134 MB

it should be the third button from the top and the folder should have a data.win file, options.ini file, and waterwombworld.exe


Absolutely brilliant! You really managed to pack so much atmosphere and story into such a short game. The art style you've created is super unique too! What engine do you use if you don't mind me asking? 

Excellent short game! Fully immersive with rich details. Hope to see more games in the future!

man, that was an experience, wow


Distilled dread. Loved it.



Really well done, nice tightly composed experience. Faithful to the cosmic horror genre by setting up the horror, executing it in a way that's internally consistent with its own logic, and leaving you to sit there stewing in the fact that while the fear you just felt makes sense, the THINGS you just saw don't make sense, and never will: such is the 'cosmic' in 'cosmic horror.' The visual and audio context serve as rich dressing for the writing, which is well structured and well paced.

In short, a great case study for showing what a solid cosmic horror game can look like in 15 minutes or less.


i LOVE it this is incredibly done, the art is incredible and better for its distortion. 1000000/10 would feed again


This game is so creepy. It's like being buried alive. Excellent.

This was AMAZING! I went in thinking 'oh, the visuals look cool and I love deep sea-horror' and then it was this absolutely weird, uncanny, freaky experience. This is so gorgeous, Yames, you will definitely see me on your other game pages in the next few weeks because this blew me away and I want more (also, I really hope I wasn't too blasphemous in my playthrough).

The game is just great. Loved the Lovecraftian vibes and the creepy atmosphere.


SO glad this is now available for Mac. I am grateful. Hope this is done for your future games

yep I have the capability now so I shouldn't have any problem doing it for future games 


I loved every second of it! Hope you enjoy the playthrough as much as i enjoyed the game, please subscribe too if possible, i would really appreciate that. 


my friends and i love your games so much, we all changed our profiles on discord to match them lol.

love the games and the style, keep it up man

lolll this rocks thanks for showing me

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Really great and interesting game, its atmosphere and story are what really made it for me, and the original and unique concept made me love it even more.

Fantastic, loved every bit of it

This game is an incredibly well conceived concept. The visual is impeccable and incredibly detailed. The story and dialogue is really well executed and the atmosphere is wonderfully engulfing. I have like not a phobia but an uncomfortable fear of the ocean and this is great. The mystery and uncertain experience (or creatures) or what was to expect was well done. :)

I really liked this project! You did such a good job with the atmosphere and creating a sense of isolation on the ocean floor! Ty!

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