A downloadable game for Windows

A point-and-click horror game made for Darktober Jam 2018. 

Speak to creepy spirits, solve puzzles, and escape your captor.

This ended up being more like a short demo than a full fledged, self-contained game, so don't be surprised if it ends a little early. I may even come back to the idea someday, depending on how people like it. 

You can hold "T" at anytime to bring up a tutorial screen. 

A mouse is recommended for this game!

All assets not made by Yames are taken from creative commons, still I will try to put up a list of "credits" up here at some point.

Updated 12 days ago
Tags2D, Creepy, Horror, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Spooky

Install instructions

Please let me know if you have trouble running the game, I've only tested it myself but it works for me so far, besides a few minor visual bugs.



Development log


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Would you please tell me how you made this game or point me in a direction where I can somehow learn. I was very impressed by this!

Thanks! I used Gamemaker Studio 2 to make this. Mostly I learned the engine by googling how to implement things I wanted to do, or game functions I knew I needed, and then I built off of there. The scripting language Gamemaker uses is pretty easy to pick up.  I also used  Friendly Cosmonaut's Dialogue System (https://friendlycosmonaut.itch.io/dialoguesystem), that was a big help in structuring the portions of the game with dialogue and dialogue choices.  

Just played the demo and I love it!!! I'm just sad it ended so fast, i need to know what happens next and what's up with this poor girl's family!


thank you for your kind words and thanks for playing!