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This game was so weird and I loved it

Wow, I had the game on my desktop for a while, just remembered it had cool visuals. Playing this game made me a great little gaming night, pretty fun and immersive, love the story it sets with the monologues. Great game :)

great experience thank you !

This game was absolutely awesome for how short it was, worth the playthrough and support to this developer. 

I’ve played a lot of games from this site, right? This is one of the first I did though, and it is still one of my favorites. I don’t think it will ever not be. I intend to play your other games, and I have ever since I streamed Discover My Body. I’m saving them though. For how special they are. I hope you continue to share your wonderful vision. I do apologize for how late I am in expressing my appreciation for your work, too. 😁

Oh my god your mind.

Do the beings you find down there have names? The squid face thing was an angel but what were the tall red dudes?


Which one is windows version


Holy moley, what a good game. 


I just love your game, and i made a review to the misterious story with some academic knowledge, sadly is in portuguese, but i gone leave here in the coments for those who want to watch it. And please contiue your work, i'm waiting my credit card for purschase "growing my grandpa", thanks a lot Yames.




This is by far one of the best experiences I have had from an indie game on itch. Very unique art style, strong Lovecraftian atmosphere, everything about it was well done. I had a better experience from the 20-30 minutes playing this than I have from many 10+ hour games. I can't wait to check out more of your work!


Perfect. Love.


Very atmospheric. I loved it a lot.


This game is so impressive, the atmosphere is really powerful with a minimalist style and story is vivid with just the deranged obsession of the protagonist. It's very eldritch, and the methodical searching mechanic kept the tension up--I was basically looking over my shoulder just waiting for something terrible to happen. I really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing!


I played way longer than 15 minutes bc I'm clueless dum dum, but either way, I loved it!!! This game is very very atmospheric! Both visuals, mechanics and audio make this an amazing, unforgettable experience.


such a distinctive and inspiring game! loved the dark and gritty atmosphere , interesting mechanics , beautifully written dialog and audio/visuals are to die for! 


Love it!


Good atmosphere, funny dialogues, good mechanics and it's scary, quite weird?

I really liked this game, it has a very cool atmosphere of the ocean depths, I advise all fans of not ordinary horror games to play this game

soooo, i dont have a mac. is there a way to get this for windows

The game is for windows too, just hit download


Ngl, I liked this one alot, nicely done, to me, it gives more of a 70s horror feel in terms of story and theme, and could pass as a late 70s game imo, this passed for me.

holy shit. this is fantastic. i only wish it was longer, it's so beautifully written i could've spent an hour just reading the dialogue. you've made something truly special.

This game, even though it was relatively short, was one of the most interesting games with the most unnerving and different atmosphere I've ever witnessed, this Lovecraftian tale with religious and psychological horror elements fit together very well and really makes you more curious about what was going on, the biblical elements and this nautical, relaxing and strange music goes very well, I just wish it was longer and with more elements

This was fantastic. The writing, the visuals, the audio, everything.

I do have one suggestion, though. "All of the sudden" should be "all of a sudden."


you are an asshole genuinely. Middle finger. /hj


bro what

it looks like a NEC PC-88 game


yea this is actually the best thing ive played in a few years

such a fucking cool concept and i love it. keep going yames, your games are so different and youll go big ( like absolutely huge) one of these days

This Game was amazing

As gorgeous as it is terrifying, thanks for all the hard work Yames!

played DMB when it first came out, and just got around to playing this. another amazing game as always yames

this was awesome!!!!! i loved the ambiance!

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the horror and depth in this game is amazing, one of my favorite horror games I've played!


The atmosphere created by your game is stunning, truly great work. The worldbuilding is concise and very effective, a great representation of what lovecraftian-type horrors from the deep feels like.


Along with Ligotti I think your work is one of the only creative responses to Lovecraft that manages to circumvent his racism while maintaining the core of the existential horror - no mean feat! This one gave me a similar sensation to when I played 'The Cosmology of Kyoto' for the first time.


hey thanks! that is really interesting to hear, I love Cosmology of Kyoto so I think it makes sense some of those vibes imprinted on my stuff

Ace! Yes, I can really see/feel that!

Visually and narratively this game is perfect, the terror that the power outages create is way beyond what I was expecting. I think most of the creepiness comes from the connection to religion and biblically accurate angels.


Man I really loved this game! Super unique and interesting horror game, please make more games like this! Love the style, the art is on point, and the pace of gameplay is perfect. I'm a huge fan! Looking forward to more games like this, please make more! Hope you don't mind that I streamed this and made a vid!

I love the visuals of your games!

''Aqua Catholicism''...A scientist who refuses the traditional church and neither gets satisfied with the modern Science and wants to go in his own way...To find the God and its ''Biblicaly Accurate Angels''.Game mechanics are really basic and reminiscent from the Amiga games like Elvira and Darkseed and has a really surreal and psychedelic art style to it.You have refilled your oxygen tank and replenished your nets and now it is time to skim the ocean surface and find some artifact.Lovecraft would have really liked this game if he was alive.

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