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 Growing My Grandpa! is a narrative-driven point-and-click horror game with virtual pet elements.  The time to complete the game varies, but tends to be about 90 minutes.

It is entry #2 in a series of games called Yames’ Secret Games. These games will be regularly released first and foremost for my Patreon patrons ( they will get them first, for free)

CONTENT WARNING:  Elements of body horror/minor gore.

PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING: A small percentage of people may experience seizures when exposed to certain lights, patterns or images, even with no history of epilepsy or seizures.

If you'd like early access to future Yames' Secret Games ( PLEASE NOTE!! new patrons do not get immediate access to the most recent game but they do get it when it later becomes a part of the back catalogue) please consider signing up for my Patreon. 

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PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(51 total ratings)
Tags2D, Creepy, Horror, Multiple Endings, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, spielbergian, Story Rich, Virtual Pet


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Version 1.2.2S
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Version 1.2.1S
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I've done it! I grew grandpa the right way!

Full Play Both Endings NO Commentary 

I feel like a broken record at this point but GOD DAMN this is yet another masterpiece. I had a blast narrating this.

The vibe is so wonderfully murky and fuzzy. The sounds are amazing and so visceral, and I especially love the mechanic of teaching Grandpa words. Love it! I have to try it again to get the other ending lol

A lot of reading but a good, interesting, creepy story!

Atmosphere had a chilling, eerie vibe. Interacting with "Grandpa" was enjoy and disturbing awesome! The style of the game is just very well done!

Learning how to grow my grandpa was a enjoy experience and I would grow a second one if I could!

More chewy batteries for Grandpa! 

Great Job Yames!

Part 2! The final part! We Grew Grandpa!

is there ever going to be a playlist of the music from Growing My Grandpa? i love the song/ambience playing when you attempt to communicate to Grandpa. id love a playlist of the songs !! :)

Rather late, but the creator linked a Bandcamp page in another comment!


I cannot overstate how brilliant these creations are. Holy shit. The style, the ambience, the music, the STYLE, the stories, the feelings it all evokes, and MAN THAT STYLE.

You have been on my radar for a minute, ever since I played The Well, but man it’s amazing to love every single thing you’ve created.

Whenever anyone asks me what indie games I recommend, yours will always be at the top. Always. 



thank you that's very kind !


this is so fucking weird. once again yames, youve proven yourself to me. brilliant man. <3

this was so creative and fun to play!!

Going to have to split the game into two separate parts or maybe even three but here's part one cause I'm literally clicking on everything I can to try and get every piece of dialogue because GOD this game has just sucked me into this world very well stylized and just super fresh and high quality and I love the thought of Yame's making full-length games and really getting to show their talent because of course the shorter games like "The Well" or "Discover My Body" are really excellent but it doesn't hold a candle to the potential I am seeing in this game.

Fresh playthrough for the steam release, got a bit more lore but I still got failure ending lol

Thanks for the great experiences Yames!

Full Play No Commentary - Failure of Fulfillment Ending


Hey! I got recommended this. It was really good! I loved it! I'm excited to go check out your other work now.

thanks for playing!!

This is definitely a Yames game! A style that has been 'grown' with time, love and dedication to development and is very very clearly Yames! I absolutely loved how disturbing and strange it all was, what an experience! I can't say much else other than PLAY THIS GAME!! PLAY HIS OTHER GAMES!! And if you want, feel free to check out this video I made where I played the full game :) (I think I got the bad ending??)

Reminds me a lot of "Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster"


Damn this was phenomenal!

I wasn't sure on getting the soundtrack version, but now that I've finished the game I was wondering if there was a way to get it separately by sending you the two dollars or so

Can't wait to see what you release next!


glad you liked it! there just so happens to be a way to get the ost for 2 bucks separately !


oh cool, thank you!!

omg, thank you so much!

A cute little game with a wonderful art style and banger soundtrack. I just wish there were proper extended mixes of the songs. 


Good game! What is your engine?


gamemaker studio 2 !

Good! Did you dither in photoshop?

(1 edit) (+3)

Currently playing Week Two going through trash piles and there is a DEAFENING humming sine wave noise for the background ambience on a lot of the trash pile screens. It's so loud it hurts my ears and I have to mute my computer audio just to continue playing the game, which kind of ruins the experience.

Is this a bug? I heard it earlier in the game on the screen where you find the glue and photo, but it just keeps getting louder every time. Like it's literally blowing out the audio and becoming distorted.

EDIT: This is a bug. I recreated it by closing and reopening the game, then going to a trash pile with the noise over and over about a dozen times, and sure enough it became insanely loud again. It's like the audio stream isn't being cleared when you leave the trash pile screen, so it ends up becoming layered infinitely every time you go to a screen with that noise.


Hi Foxley, thanks for letting me know, someone else had reported something similar but I was not able to create it on my machine, I will take another look right now though as you are probably right there probably is an audio file playing over itself again and again. If you could let me know what version of the game you are playing (it should be listed in the bottom right hand screen of the main menu, if it is not pls tell me) and also what operating system you are using.

Thought I'd say I'm having the same issue too, 1.9.4 on Windows 10. The cabinet seems to be the most reliable trash place where it occurs for myself

Sure, the version is 1.9.4 and my OS is Windows 7.


I can confirm as well. That being said I liked that it was painful tbh. 


looks sick! have to cop when its out on steam


Wish I could save this on my Steam, I'd even pay however much extra Valve's cut would be.


there is actually a steam version coming!

May I ask when? I will for sure be purchasing it when it is added to Steam


question, why not buy the game and add it manually to your steam library?


once again yames knocks it out of the park with delicacy of atmosphere. you really know how to grow the worst gnawing feelings of dread without using jumpscares as a crutch, and i always love getting lost in your writing and worldbuilding. this game in particular leaves a strange and wistful poignancy, its innocent in the face of something truly disturbing

great work as always, i really look forward to what you share with us next!


thank you!!! <3


this game was absolutely phenomenal. it's games like these that keep that little spark of hope alive in my heart that it's still possible to innovate and be creative when making games, and that things don't have to be recycled into the ground forever. games from you are always a blessing and i can't overstate how much i enjoy them and consider them required playing for anyone who enjoys horror, existential dread, or the bizarre.

this was the first game of yours i personally played, and without having watched someone else play it first. i played until i got both endings and both were a lot of fun and didn't feel like too much work, i was really excited and surprised when on the second try i was able to unlock certain things earlier and access more dialogue. i loved reading everything and spending time thinking about The Lore and letting my brain fill in the gaps.

i feel like i could ramble about it forever but i'll leave this at Thank You, for this game and for all your other games and your creative spirit and excellent sense of aesthetics. looking forward to more!


this is so kind thank you so much!


honestly, i would pay as much as the whole thing cost just for the soundtrack. the key moment in one of the endings made my skin crawl, thanks to musical accompaniment!

if possible, could you please have the OST on bandcamp, or anywhere else where it is possible to buy it separately?


Hey there! After playing "Water Womb World" I was really hooked on the evocative writing and art. I just started playing but I can't wait to get home and keep growing my grandpa. AAah my head is swimming with ideas, is this a tulpa but scientifically analyzed?

Is there a public link to your Discord server, or is it for Patreon members only?


https://discord.gg/sttbBE8z yes it is open to the public i just don't advertise it super well let me know if this works

It worked fine, thank you!


Wow, what an amazing game and writing. I stumbled upon this all a bit randomly after watching a youtube video about your game. I might be reading into some of this a bit, but I wanted to share some thoughts I had about this game in relation to the process of therapy and how I saw some emerging themes with the writing/characters while trying not to spoil anything. 

The experience of discovery, communication and growth in a parallel context to the child, caseworker and the grandpa/entity was fascinating. I almost felt as though this entity was providing more of a therapeutic experience for the child than the caseworker was, and a lot of what the entity was discussing were aspects of roles that a therapist plays. Reflecting the inner wants and desires of the client (the wish) while also encouraging them towards exploration and change (the contract). There are also themes of the inability/lack of effectiveness/lack of training with therapists to really enact fulfilling therapeutic change within their clients as opposed to the want/need to just permanently fix the perpetuating stressors (parents fighting) which would in some ways aid the development of some clients/children a lot more than therapy could offer.

Regardless, really great stuff, I will be keeping an eye out for your future games. Keep up the good work. 

thank you so much for your kind words and your thoughts, I will refrain from commenting more specifically bc of spoilers but I think that is definitely a valid interpretation and very interesting to read 


I finished it all. Thanks again Yames, I will now go back into hibernation in anticipation for your next release.

Is there a way to pay for this without PayPal?  I can't use that service for a number of reasons but *damn* do I want this game.


hi! I am not sure at the moment but I am going to see if I can work something out. I think itch has a couple different options for payment processing.

(1 edit)

this is great! I got the bad ending, but I would love to give it another go, glad I found out about your patreon through this release :)

Full Play No Commentary *Failure of Fulfillment Ending*


thanks for playing! and thanks so much for signing up to my patreon!!


Man, can't wait to see Markiplier play this one!


Deeply engaging, very weird, real unsettling! Part of me misses the aesthetic of earlier works, but the extra animation and new look of this one really works.


thanks! yeah i also sort of miss the crunchiness lol don't worry it will probably be back in a few future games


This is delightful in a really horrible way! It's not since I first discovered iNSCAPE CD-ROMs  like The Dark Eye and Bad Day on the Midway that I've felt that midpoint between attraction and repulsion from a game. I love that grandpa seems half way between a kratt of Estonian folklaw and a parasitic alien from Cronenberg or Carpenter! Such amazing work.


So glad you enjoyed it!!


This is even better than your previous games, great work, mate! 

thanks for playing, super glad you enjoyed it!


Wish I could've sunk my teeth into it earlier! And I can't wait to dive further into it :p

Deleted 1 year ago

Can you tell me a little more about what you mean? Like which part is taking too long?

I really enjoyed playing this game, my main problem playing through it was the fact that you need to feed inedible foods to Grandpa to proceed with the good ending. My first playthrough I had trouble finding the necessary items until I literally only figured out the mechanic at the last week.


The game is designed in a way that it is feasible to get everything done on the last week, ie in one playthrough, but also getting the good ending is contingent on doing a lot of exploration + reading documents + talking to Grandpa. i sort of did want people to get the bad ending before the good ending just because it might make them explore more and seek out some answers to what is going on. however this is the first game I have made that could possibly be called non-linear, so it was definitely a learning in experience in regard to this type of game design. I am happy you ultimately enjoyed the game tho!


A beautiful game that fits so well in the pantheon of your terrifying cosmic horror universe. I loved the exploration part and the gameplay was so much fun, nothing felt clunky, everything fit. The writing is exceptional but that’s no surprise, it’s fantastic in all your games. I honestly think your games have some of the best writing I’ve seen in horror (indie and big budget). The soundtrack, sound cues and visuals are all so unnerving and creepy, the concept and design of grandpa is gorgeous. Just the way the little girl looks a tiny bit off, the way the food looks - it’s so beautifully twisted, I turned into a fangirl from the first second to the last. A stunning game.


great vid again!!

Thanks so much!


thank you so much!

You're more than welcome, what a treat!


Well this is quite the 35th birthday treat for me I must say! An immediate purchase - thank you!


damn, wanna play this game badly, but paypal doesn't work in my country, any advice? :/


Message me your email I'll buy you a copy


wow! thats so sweet, heres my discord "globul228666#9109" maybe I can make it up for u, hit me up whenever

(1 edit) (+2)

I feel like a broken record at this point but GOD DAMN this is yet another masterpiece. I had a blast narrating this.

thanks so much!!

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