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Still SO excited for this... it'll be worth the wait, I know it!




i am still working on it and don't call people dumbass

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sir.. do i care? NOPE. so sywau bitch <3


Bruh stop crying. you're just mad the dev showed up and called you out on your bullshit <3

I just found out about "Discover My Body, and I just played it. I'm often intrigued by body horror, I have been a Cronenberg fan for over 2 decades.I'm happy that there is more to come from this title.


got banned from the discord for sending a live laugh love meme

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I'm so hyped for this!!

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I can't download the game. It says "cannot read property 'build' of undefined"


the game is not out yet sorry


This is so exciting! I loved the first game and wrote about it a bit for uni, good luck with the full game!

I don't see a link, and I tried the itch app as well no dice :(


the game is still in development !

That would do it! Thanks for the reply! Love your work!

Could you post an active link to your discord? The ones on this page seem to have expired. Sorry for the trouble.

hi, sorry about that, i think i fixed the widget above, please try it out and if it doesn't work i'll send you a link.


that worked! thanks for the help. 

i can't seem to join the discord via the widget you have above, could you post a link somewhere?



Deleted 1 year ago
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Sorry if this seems annoying, but this game seems to have been put on hold since June of 2020. Are there any plans to continue, or is the game now relegated to collecting dust?

If it's no longer being worked on, I'll be disappointed but accepting of the change in plans. Thank you for reading my comment.


hi, the game is still coming but it was put on the backburner for a bit just because i was working on some other projects. it's definitely not abandoned though, once i tie up some loose ends with these other things im doing i will be committing myself to dob


and for the record i guess, i haven't really abandoned any of my projects lol ive just been kinda bad at prioritizing them. so I still hope to make Velum Children one day, as well as Father Turned Me Into Trees And Rivers


Thank you for the reply. I also tend to have a habit of having a box of 'loose ends' to tie up before I can do anything else. Just make sure to not add too many more loose ends, you know?


That is great advice and I totally agree!


Hey, are you still working on this game?


I need to play this


Haven't played Discover my Body yet (soon to be rectified lol), but I've watched Markiplier's playthrough of it, as well as his playthrough of Water Womb World and some playthrough of The Well, though I can't remember whose.  This is some excellent content, both in the horror community and the gaming community!  Keep up the great work, I'm really excited for when Discover Our Bodies comes out!


oh? markiplier played water womb worls? i just played it and had no idea he played this

Yep!  He played it in 3 Scary Games #56!




me too!

yames ur amazing honestly. u have so much talent, i would litterally die to play more of your games when they realise 

Can't wait for this one, Yames


beyond excited for this, doc morrison check me in!!


So freakin excited for this, I will literally give all my money just to play the game so don't make it free


I recently played Discover My Body, and I loved it!  I can't wait for Discover Our Bodies to come out.  Thank you for making this!

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Yames, your games are my favorite genre "psyche-body horror" for the soul.


I don't know why I am gonna have a good day with this game but I am still on happy mode


Hey Yames, loved Discover My Body, can't wait to see more :)


i like your games..but i think you gonna need to put more "game" into your games. Mostly are just like an interactive video. you press "go on" and the game solve itself. And, yes, you got the atmosphere. but you just CUT to the end a few seconds too soon, if you know what i mean



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that is the best comment in the world


This is gonna be so amazing!! I'm HYPE

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Looking forward to playing your awesome  game ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘


I'm so hyped for this to come out!!


I can't wait for an expanded version of discover my body.

It was such a unique experience.


Lookin forward to it!!

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Dude I am looking forward to this game so much, I hope it will be look like discover my body


join the server now


Really excited to see this game getting expanded. Looking forward to it! 


So hyped for this


can't wait lol


Awesome to hear that! I am looking forward to it.