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I've begun development on a more fleshed out version of Discover My Body. It's called Discover Our Bodies, and I'm planning on featuring more subjects, more interactivity, a bigger game window (lol) and just more stuff to dig into. 

If you are interested in discussing Discover My Body, Discover Our Bodies, or are just a fan of horror games, please stop by our discord server! 

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beyond excited for this, doc morrison check me in!!


So freakin excited for this, I will literally give all my money just to play the game so don't make it free


I recently played Discover My Body, and I loved it!  I can't wait for Discover Our Bodies to come out.  Thank you for making this!

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Yames, your games are my favorite genre "psyche-body horror" for the soul.


I don't know why I am gonna have a good day with this game but I am still on happy mode


Hey Yames, loved Discover My Body, can't wait to see more :)


i like your games..but i think you gonna need to put more "game" into your games. Mostly are just like an interactive video. you press "go on" and the game solve itself. And, yes, you got the atmosphere. but you just CUT to the end a few seconds too soon, if you know what i mean



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that is the best comment in the world


This is gonna be so amazing!! I'm HYPE

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Looking forward to playing your awesome  game 😊👍


I'm so hyped for this to come out!!


I can't wait for an expanded version of discover my body.

It was such a unique experience.


Lookin forward to it!!

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Dude I am looking forward to this game so much, I hope it will be look like discover my body


join the server now


Really excited to see this game getting expanded. Looking forward to it! 


So hyped for this


can't wait lol


Awesome to hear that! I am looking forward to it.