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I just watched Altered States and that film reminded me so much of this game. Looking forward to the longer game coming out!!


I have to say that with how short this game is, I loved every second of it!

It had me left asking so many other questions, wanting to know more about the environment. I also adore the small talk with our "subject."

I'll certainly be checking you out and promoting your work.

Loved this game! I really liked the body horror and the creative concept. It reminds of some of Cronenberg's movies like existenz. The art is also amazing!

I just got so many chills and just felt so god damn gross playing this game really well done body horror game!

Why is everything so tiny? Unplayable for me, maybe better as a phone game?


This horror game was very different yet I feel like I am missing a lesson or two. Great nonetheless 

This game makes me want to itch my bones

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Loved the idea! Great way of exploring the need of belonging to something in the actual society (and its consequences of course). Just wished it was a bit longer... I'm eager for more haha!

Also great sound design, very creepy!

Pretty good game! I like how you can see on this game that i doesn't need much features for a game to be interesting!

the only way to win is not to play: but not this game!!! play it!! its cool! :D


Really cool & equally creepy concept. Hope to god never to witness a flowering so here's hoping global warming kicks in first. Great job, you ruined my dessert 👍




Disturbing, I love it! I almost wish it were longer, maybe with a couple more "flowering" patients to observe.



creepy game!


this game is really good!! incredibly spooky. cried in the shower after playing. would recommend


This game was really unsettling and I loved it! Made me think that there are people in this world that would actually do this to themselves. Loved the story behind this as well! Good Game! Gameplay starts at 00:00 

We played your game on twitch with the chat! And almighty that aint no normal transformation! Well done Yames, you got me grossed out and terrified! 10/10 flowerings 


How did you even think of something like this? 

i ate a lot of play-doh as a kid


WE NEED A SEQUEL excellent horror game

This was really excellent and inspiring.


i played this game yesterday at night it was very scary but i really liked it the most beautiful game ever im excited for the new fleshed out sequel i hope its very scary :]

This was unsettling; honestly, the way the guy seemed so happy about it made it even scarier. Amazing game!

nick land would love this a bit to much...

great game, glad to see games made for people like me (besides bloodborne)

where have i heard the scan noise before? anyone else heard it?


You're one of the few creators that can really pull of eldritch horror. Phenomenal job!


I don't think my comment will be seen but congrats!! this game tackles very interesting topics I haven't really seen in horror before, the atmosphere and art are amazing!


This was very cool! I appreciate you not using jumpscares, because I hate how startling those are. This was unsettling in the best way. I love your artwork, and I found the test subject character very likable. He was like a mad scientist. Nice game!

Gracias por tanto Yames, y perdon por tan poco.

Someone help! I want to FullScreen, but the game gets cut off when I press f4 (I think it tries to get TOO big). I am on win10, and have my main monitor mirrored to a large plasma TV, so maybe that is making an issue. Can anyone guide me on how to get it to fullscreen to the correct dimensions? (my primary monitor is just a 1080p Asus monitor)

is it displaying correctly on the main monitor?


love love loved it!!!!


So beautiful...


oh yes bodies ! beautiful!


Forced my friend to play this. His reactions to everything is the best entertainment every. Loved how nonchalant everything is.

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In my ongoing quest to play EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. that Yames has ever released; I just published a video on the game that made him a household name in the spooky entities community.

Watch it. With your eyes. 

This was quite bizzare, was not expecting it to be this creepy. I really enjoyed the art direction on it.

Wow what an experience! This has to be one of the weirdest and unique games I've played in awhile! I loved it. Check out my gameplay of it and if you enjoy my video please consider subbing to help me grow my little channel! Thanks!

Just watched, nice gameplay!

Thank you! I really appreciate you watching it!


great game. came from a reddit comment who was praising your work and yeah, this is pretty sick and unique :) 

artstyle, sounds and "build up" are all lovely


your game art is strangely beautiful
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seemed kind of transphobic frankly when i played it.

A lot of it is about like, weird metamorphosis providing community/spiritual connection and destroying traditional values. It felt like it was about the horror of that from a conservative perspective, and I'm not quite sure that's a good thing.


the horror elements i use in my stuff are not really there to cast something in a negative light for the purpose of condemning it/pointing at it and saying "this is bad" or for the purpose of merely trying to scare/creep out the player. i am not trying to make some sort of video game version of an evangelical hell house. i think horror can be an interesting way of dealing with fear and anxiety, and fear and anxiety is often not as simple as recognizing something as harmful/a threat but instead is complicated and entangled with different ideas and impulses. sometimes fear is just a threshold between the known and the unknown.

i originally made this game when thinking about my own body as it began failing me for various reasons and I began considering my relationship to it and my mind and time and death/infinity.

so while someone could play this and read it at face-value as a serious condemnation of trans-humanism and a condemnation of the destruction of traditional values, i would really disagree with this interpretation, although you are probably not the first person to get this message out of it.

For the record I am not a conservative and I support trans people although I am not trans myself.


Thank you for your reply Yames!

Apologies for misinterpreting your work. That may have been a snap judgement on my part as a lot of the game particularly rang true for myself as someone who has been through the gender identity clinic etc. (the rotting bones particularly-- some trans folks end up with bone damage due to the gender clinic incorrectly dosing and prescribing antiandrogen medication.) I've very much met people who think of gender transitioning as being something similar to this sort of thing.

I'm a little ashamed for jumping to conclusions so quickly, as I'm not really interested in trying to 'cancel' artworks that make me uncomfortable, especially when that's an important part of the aim of horror works!

Thank you very much for your response to my worries. I very much appreciate that.

I hope you are well,



You really don't have to apologize! it's a pretty short game anyway so its easy to come to a snap judgement haha. I didn't mean to come off as disregarding/explaining away what you wrote, but I wanted to give my perspective. I think it's valuable to me to get feedback like that from time to time I think it helps me become more deliberate in my work and re-interrogate my own decision making practice in art. it can be tricky navigating artistic freedom vs. responsibility to the audience. in any case, hope you are well too!

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hiya itake,

nah i just made a bit of a snap judgement above. You can see that yames and I talked it over in the comments.

Really enjoyed the game, and even recommended it to a streamer to play:

A body horror experiment in the indie game scene.What if David Cronenberg were to leave the cinema and were to learn some coding and some pixel art?Well,this masterpiece right here would be present in that new marriage.Year is 2040,and people in that age are trying to find new ways to fit in to the society.Traditional values like Church and the Family are obliterated because of a new devices that can make your body to mutate into a new metamorphosis conclusion creature.Yames' surreal and psychedelic art style shines here again and the game mechanics are really basic but it really supports the plot and the poor man's metamorphosis story.Like every other short horror story,it makes you wonder ''wtf happened???'' in the end.Only negatife appearance of the game is it does not have much of an backstory to story's backbone need.A definite must play.4 out of 5

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