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This game reminds me of Clifford Simak's Desertion - a short story about humanity trying to conquer Jupiter. By altering men's into completely another lifeform - into Lopers. The idea was to shapeshift a human into a new body and keep the mind, and shapeshift back when necessary. But that did not work, at least for the first four men. The story protagonist is the 5th one, and before transformation, he is tasked with one mission - just to come back from Jovian landscapes to prove that it is possible - to go back.


i like it a lot! i really want more stuff like this


thanks for playing!


it was weird i liked it tho



This is some quality body horror, its not horror in the classical sense that you will get scared, but it is horror in the idea behind it, and the unnervingness it will bring, you won't be comfortable playing this game and that makes it amazing!

Thanks for playing!

Turns out, I had a body!

Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for making! It was a pleasure. ;{D

Thanks for making! It was a pleasure. ;{D


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Very original. Good usage of audio and also has simple but nice visuals. Sadly, halfway during the Flowering process the game just stopped working, which is a shame as i genuinely kind of liked it! Is there any way to fix this? (Note that i was using the Fullscreen option.)

This was a nice little game! I like the overall style

this blew me away . damn 

I've been getting requests to play this game and it's my first real introduction to 'body horror'. I am honestly super unsure of how to feel about it because it's not that I was scared but I was pretty damn uncomfortable throughout the entire thing. If you're more interested in watching than playing you can check my experience out here: 

Masterpiece of Body Horror

this made me feel so uncomfortable but kinda cool

this made me feel so uncomfortable but kinda cool

The way this game makes me queasy from beginning to end is absolutely genius. From the terrifying visuals to the descriptions, I love the way it hints at an incredibly weird, nightmarish society where this process is somewhat desirable. Beautiful work, I played this a while ago and still think of it. 

Masterpiece, very disturbing, very well written, original gameplay.

it is a short but fun game.


I liked it a lot, I was really hoping that it would continue on into his final phase and i'd be left with scanning this unintelligible ascending being. Still, great atmosphere.

a very fun game :)

Unplayable on Intel Mac, because published binary is for ARM64.

hey thanks for letting me know, if you're still interested I have put up a version that should work, its named on the download page

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Aha! You’ve discovered a way to build it for x86.

Thank you, the game is quite original in visuals and the plot, I’ve just completed it, and despite it being very short, I have enjoyed it a lot.

Great to hear, thanks again!

Everything about this screams surreal, and I absolutely love it. The plot unfolds in a truly demented way, and the comedic aspect ties the whole experience together. A truly disturbing game. Fantastic work! 

this is great one! i love it <3


Very interesting concept and artstyle, I really loved it


I cant wait for Discover Our Bodies!

No Commentary

Very wonderfully done I love the simplistic yet futuristic design I highly recommend

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Man this was awesome!

I was actually more interested in it than disturbed until the load scream!

But great game peep!

excellent body horror!


I think the creator may have taken DMT before. Just a guess. ;)


LOVED this game. The universe you're able to create in such a small amount of time is incredible. I played this for my Bloodcurdling Barrage in which I do 31 games total and post a new video every day of October. I can't wait for whatever your next project will be.


Don't play before, during, or after dinner.


game sucked. It was't even my body


I love this game. The body horror is memorable and I've yet to play a game that has stuck with me like this one has. Something about how clinical and matter-of-fact as it was made it even more unsettling in such a unique way. Amazing stuff.


This game is shocking and disturbing in a amazing way. I love the idea and the play style of this game. It really helps make the game memorable I recommend everyone play this game. 


a short and chilling experience. i was pleasantly shocked by the reference to deleuze/guittari's work and what it meant for this work. looking forward to whatever you make next!


Woah. Just woah. This game was so scary to me. The story, art style and direction were spot on. I cannot wait to see what else you come up with. Thanks for a wonderful game! Here's my play through! 




that was so uncomfortable and terrifying. best horror game I've played in a while.


Well, that was creepy as fuck. Incredible.


Absolutely disturbing! Short but so sweet. I've quickly become a fan of yours and I cannot wait to see more!


This was as fantastic as it gets for short indie horror! Incredible atmospher and style. I was engadged from start to finish.

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I really enjoyed this! I loved that there were actual scientific concepts being used as the basis for this theoretical nightmare...for example, explaining how you can communicate with the patient by referencing Broca's area (the speech center of the brain) being hooked up to the machine. The pacing, with the hints toward weirdness/wrongness of the situtation amping up over time, was also masterful. 

Discover My Body reminds me of a classic scary campfire tale combined with a retro yet novel form of gameplay (-the scanning interface with different bodily systems and hot spots to click for dialogue). Overall this is a very clean, sharp and unique philosophical horror game. 

I would love to see an expanded version of the game, but if not, I look forward to seeing your future projects in general! And if you do have past games on, well I'm about to play them when I go to your dev page after posting this comment! :)

Edit: Just realized I had played Water Womb World by you a few days before this game- I knew Yames sounded familiar. Haha, anyway, loving your stuff.

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