A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

In the year 2040, human beings look for increasingly strange solutions in hopes of finding connection and community.

This is a very short game.

CW: Body horror, loud screams.

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Credits/Acknowledgments/Tools Used:

"Mile-High Infraskyway" by Spring 



Easy GUI by Moon Goat

DawnBringer 32 Palette by DawnBringer

Updated 5 days ago
Published 21 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Exploration, Horror, Pixel Art, Short

Install instructions

!!Attention Linux Users!!

Discover My Body requires the following dependencies:




Discover My Body_Ubuntu.zip 19 MB
Discover My Body.zip 19 MB

Development log


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Wow, that was awesome. Great insights, design and concept ! I played on Linux.

I'm getting really hard Faith vibes since its also in an older style. but aside from that you've made an amazing experince

Very strange but very compelling!

Thanks for playing!! :D 

this was very good. please make more.

I will! Thanks for playing!

Hi, I'm having trouble with the game. When I open the game the window for it is incredibly small, and I'm unable to read the text. Do you know how to fix this? I am using the windows version of the game.

It is a rather small window yes. Also when I made the game I didn't want to make a fullscreen version because I thought it would betray the source material (windowed edutainment games).  I don't think it should be illegible though, if it is, or if you're still having this problem, I can try and put up a scaled-up version.

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This game was super amazing, I love pixelated games that's why I choosed this one, but I am loving how the man's face very scary look like, this game is great dude!!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!


🎀 Don't Panic If I Scream! | Discover My Body Full Gameplay

This was certainly an interesting piece. Despite its seemingly low quality graphics, it really adds to the game's disturbing atmosphere along with the background noise. The gameplay is simple, but unique. I really would like to see more of this! It's really good!!


Phenomenal artwork and intense audio experience


Very interesting game! Felt like a mix between a commentary on organizations/group ideology, and at the same time a simple short scifi-horror story. Hope you enjoy my gameplay vid of it.

The lack of detail in the game really sends my brain into a small panic trying to figure out what the hell I'm looking at. Excellent use of the uncanny valley!


So fucking good... I'm a sucker for non-traditional gameplay, and this hits a real sweetspot. It's differently structured to anything else I've ever played (almost seems like medical software (which I think is the point)), but still easy to comprehend. The writing's fantastic, the artwork's fantastic, the sounds is atmospheric and great. Fuck yeah. Great work!


Loved this. Really spooky, and well set up atmosphere. The ending also completely caught me of guard. I don't think I'll ever comprehend what this game is, but I can't wait to see what you've got next! Keep up the good work!


Really loved this, it's one of the better horror games I've played in years. Just a quick question though, is the person you're studying a man? I've noticed that he seems to have breasts and thought it added a pretty interesting layer to it (if they're trans/nb/intersex wanting to escape their physical body)


Hi, thanks! Good question. They are a male-presenting person who has breasts, so it definitely could be read that way! That is part of the reason why I had the person covering up, so as to not make anything definitive. Thanks for playing!


had an incredible time playing this game on stream, i wanted to share with you the product. many thanks!


Thanks for playing! You had some great reactions lol. Hope you had fun!

ha thanks for watching! glad you liked it. ill be circling back for the new game to play!


Incredible, every bit of it was disturbing.
I can't wait for more, looking forward to supporting your amazing work.

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is the game window supposed to be very small? i'm having trouble reading the text

beautiful though


very kafka-like. loved it to bits 

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As a token of my appreciation for the game's unique nightmare-inducing content and idea, I made this logo for "Discover Our Bodies" you're planning to make. I don't mind if you can use it (and maybe edit it to your liking if you like). If you already made a logo for yourself, that's okay!


That's awesome and disgusting! Thank you!!!

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You're welcome! The acronym part of the logo is a symbolic representation of the patients/test-subjects' medical stages of gruesome transformations. Cleverly fitting for the game's topic!

I also already created a wiki for infos throughout DMB and DOB. You can find it from this link: https://discover-my-body.fandom.com/wiki/Discover_My_Body_Wiki (Note that the wiki is still under construction)


Wow! The wiki is also very awesome thank you so much for making that!! 


Loved every second of this


I want more of this.


well FYI I'm definitely considering a "Discover Our Bodies" kickstarter right about now :o 


If you could come up with enough variety to support a longer playtime, and perhaps some kind of story with a few branching paths, then I think it would be worth it.

With an adjustment to the setting, it could be a medical student who in need of extra cash signs up this as a one-shot assistant job that seems super shady, and then realises how deep they are into matters. They then get an offer of a follow-up job, and it could spiderweb out into other things, like deciding if you want out, or want to go deeper. If going deeper, is the player incredibly desperate, incredibly curious, or did the player accidentally get infected with something during the opening tasks and is doing research so they can prevent their own gradual body-horror? Or does the player want to go against this stuff entirely, and are being stalked by a cryptid cult, and having attempts on their life that manifest as unconvenional and freaky events you interact with in a similar gameplay/UI as this demo?

Then again, I doubt you're lacking ideas. My spam comes from a place of mild hype and appreciation for the unconventional horror ;)



i found your game via markiplier's new video.  i downloaded it as soon as i saw the artstyle.  i absolutely LOVE the artstyle in this game; the very embossed static-like textures on everything is eye candy, and the scale and aesthetics of the gui are so imaginative and excitingly fresh.


holy crap i LOVED THIS! if you ever need music i'd be honored to work with you lol. this was amazingly unsettling.

Visceral. I love it. :)

This is awesome! Thanks a lot!


The art, ui and sound all made this a pretty unsettling experience! Wished it was longer and had more to discover.


I discovered a bug. At the second phase I scanned that shell-like sort of thing under the hand-less arm and everything just stopped working as soon as I touched the dot. I couldn't move and on-screen buttons didn't work at all, but the audio was on. No text was appearing.


It's great, man. If you ever need a writer, an artist or a voice actor hit me up, I'd love to work on a horror game.


Amazing concept! The low res pixel art rlly gives the game its unique style, as if the story wasn't unique enough. Like you've already heard, would love to see the story and concept as a full length game! Keep up the crazy good work :)


Very cool game! The pixel art in this is very good, and its realistic style really adds to the creepiness of the game. The unsettling nature and concept of this game makes it very good.Excellent job!!


Very spooky, very good.


Thank you!

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Like the person under this, I made an account just to leave a comment. 

I really liked this game and didn't know what to expect but I was surprised at how simple but intriguing and cool concept it is...I'm begging you to please keep playing around and make a full game about this, various subjects/individuals and with a bit of story here and there could make a fantastic game. If you make this into an app you'll get more recognition.

I wish you the best and I'll keep up with any updates.


Hi, thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it. I'd love to flesh out this game if possible, as it seemed to really strike a chord with folks. As I said below, don't discount me returning to this idea and world. Thanks!


Just made this account to comment here, I saw this through Alpha Beta Gamer, I love everything about this game, unique and deeply unsettling, I'd love to see a full version but looking at the game you are developing right now It's even more promising!! Great, great game and creative vision, words fall short!!


Hey thanks for playing ! I am definitely considering fleshing out the mechanics + concepts started here. People seem to really like it which is neat, because I made it over the course of a weekend. The problem is I only have so much free time to develop so I have to pick my battles. But don't discount seeing a "Discover Our Bodies" or something in the future.


This is intently spooky and I quite enjoyed it.  The aesthetic is impressive, the subject is gruesome, the writing is evocative and intriguing.  My only wish is that there was a third stage of body exploring, but that doesn't detract from the overall quality.

I didn't play that educational game you mentioned, but I played games like it, and you've nailed that feeling.

Spoiler thoughts below this line...

As a huge fan of body horror and spooky psychic stuff, the Flowering is an excellent concept and reading about it got my imagination sparking.  Rotting bones becoming delicate psychic latticework?  *chef's kiss*

Thanks for playing and thanks for your kind words!


How do I fullscreen this one? Its very small.

Hi, yeah, the graphics and dimensions for the game as they are do not scale very well when you blow them up, so I did not include a fullscreen mode. With future games I'm going to try to account for this. Sorry! Hope you can still enjoy it. 

Saw this game through Vinny Vinesauce, was horrified and fascinated. Really interesting and well written game.

Thank you for playing! 


Creepy and cool! Made me think.



wow, that was super fascinating, in a morbid curiosity kinda way. I already am fascinated by fictional medical practices and boy you really drove the body horror home in a new way. very interesting! well done!

Thank you!

This was really cool!

Thanks so much!

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